Lauren and Ryan Got Hitched!

Welcome! It’s a new blog and a long over due, well deserved blog post! First off, a big  THANKS to the hubs and a good friend and former groom, Rich Seemueller for all their hard work on the new website. It’s been a long time coming.

Where have I been hiding you ask…I’ve been up to my eye’s this past summer in a huge avalanche of a snowball. From our move earlier this spring, the storm that hit us two weeks later and we lost power for a week, a visit to the hospital, everything  just began to snow ball and I could never get caught up. It’s been a busy summer, right into a hectic fall and now here we are entering into the holiday season. So I have a heap of blogging to tend too…so to kick it off, it’s the wedding of Lauren and Ryan in September.Ryan and Lauren got married at Chadwick Gardens down along the OSU campus area. It was a beautiful day towards the end of summer and everything was so vibrant. Their friends joined them for their ceremony located at The Labyrinth. It is symbolic of the daily journey each of us makes through the seasons of our lives. For Lauren and Ryan, it’s where it all began. 

Ryan and Lauren wanted to see each other before their guests arrived. Lauren was bursting with excitement to finally see her groom.

There is a sense of full heart when I see Lauren and Ryan together. I had met with them two year’s ago to do a session, although at the time they were not engaged. But I remembered how each embrace with them was like the first…they were keen on each other, excited and bubbly. And their wedding day proved no different.

The happy couple and their bridal party look sharp in their attire.

After greeting their guests after the ceremony, we headed to The North Market where their reception was being held that evening.

We strolled around the market as passer-by’s gave their well wishes to the couple.

The market had already closed for the day so they had the building to themselves. It gave their guests a chance to see the area a bit better.

They added several personal touches to their wedding day, from a pin with their likeness, to quilt pieces to be made into a special blanket for them to remember their day.

Ryan and Lauren danced the night away and enjoyed being with their guests. It was great to see them make it official and start their new lives together.

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