Oh Lucy…….

Sweet little Lucy was just not feeling having her 18 month portraits done. It wasn’t by any means our first meeting, or her first time to our home. She was feeling clingy to her mom and not as keen as her big sister. I could manage about one shot and then the tears began to fall. And they didn’t stop. I tried to give Lucy some time to recover and dry those precious tear’s. Meanwhile Addison was all about having her photo taken. Always the way, isn’t it. Lucy was happy to have her take her spot.
I found out that Lucy loves all type’s of animals, so she was in luck. With only a few weeks old kittens in the house, they were going to get a work out on this session. And boy did it work. Lucy began to chuckle and smile, so long as the kittens were in sight.
When Lucy wasn’t crying, she replaces it with this grand smile that lights up the room. Be it serious or a gushing smile….Lucy gave me a little bit of everything that day, but I’m cool with that. We got through it and at the end of the day she gave me one last smile without force and that’s all I needed.

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