Happy Guy

I got the chance to spend some time with this handsome boy, Evan and his Mommy, Myka and Daddy, Shane in their New Albany home. Evan is almost 5 year’s old and full of energy and lot’s of love to give.  It’s easy to see that he lights up his parents lives with every breath he takes. He’s come far in his first four year’s and continues to grow and learn. I was impressed to see Evan speaking sign language for words he didn’t yet say out loud. Back when my Uncle was born in the 1950’s, that wasn’t an option to a child with Down Syndrome. That is a great advancement. Evan had such bright eyes’s. Even from across the room they seemed to sparkle. He loves to get hugs from his Mommy and Daddy and they didn’t hold any back. The family pets, Josey and Frankie got in on the action for a bit. It’s hard to keep everyone calm when there is someone new  in the house.Their entire house was full of great cheery colors and Evan had such colorful toys surrounding him. Evan loved playing a game of pillow toss with his dad. The giggles coming from him were contagious and one more was never quite enough.
Doesn’t his smile melt your heart!Myka and Shane find such joy in having Evan in their lives and take nothing for granted. They look forward to each day with him and giving him a life of independence. Evan loves getting on the bus and going to school. Giving him a chance to make new friends and learning about this big world we live in.

Who doesn’t love that sinking feeling in the pit of your tummy when you are tossed in the air. Yet again Evan wanted more. I’m sure Shane was feeling it the next day, but you won’t find him complaining. It was such a fun lil visit with Evan an his family!

alice - January 23, 2013 - 12:19 am

loved all the pictures and the beautiful story you told I was so very touched

Patti - January 24, 2013 - 4:01 am

What a perfect darling family. I knew Alice would only have a perfect family. I love you all !You all are beautiful !
From your extented family, cousin Patti

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