Play Time…

I got to spend a bit of time with the triplets and catch them in play time. With a house of toys and each other, there is never a dull moment. Kierin will always have her two brothers there to look out for her..what a lucky gal she is.
I get a chance to see them every couple of months and I was blown away at how much they have really started to take on conversations and using their words. Just under 3 years old, they are advancing awesomely.  They enjoy playing with mom and dad and having a good time with one another.
I love Kaelon’s laugh…they all enjoy getting tickles from Sirini. Kierin enjoys feeding her baby, she makes a good lil Mama, and Zephan likes to give Mommy Lisa butterfly kisses. Those are the best!
The last image amused me how their attention was glued to Mommy and Daddy feeding one another..
One more group shot and Lisa’s mom joined in for a couple. The outfit that Kierin wore was one that her mom wore when she was her age. That’s always fun to look back and see the generations. Another year is upon us and soon they will celebrate their 3rd year! So many changes to come and fun experiences.

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