2013 Wedding Photography Winner!

The moment is finally here…..

Each year brings so much excitement with running this contest and at the same time it brings me a bit of sadness as well. I cheer on every couple with each vote and wish them all the same success, but in the end only one couple wins. This year was a real nail biter. This was the first year a couple was in the lead for a great portion of it, but then another couple ended up passing them and winning. By a mere 39 votes. I know that each couple fought hard to get into the number one spot with posting it to their family and friends and even the kindness of strangers. I say every year, it’s all about the push of the votes. I watch my computer become over loaded with countless votes. It’s just as much a thrill for me cause even I don’t know how it’s going to pan out until towards the end. I always wish I could be there to see when the couple get’s the news. The sheer excitement and joy.

Their wedding will take place later this summer in Hilliard. They not only will join in marriage together, but will combine their children together to create a new family. Their relationship started off with a lot of play dates with her daughter and his son and they got on really well. The relationship   continued to grow and now they are ready to start their lives together. I know it is with sadness that each of their mother’s aren’t here to celebrate with them, but they are in spirit and looking down on them. They had a huge support system in this contest. And thanks to their friends Shaina and her sister-in-law, Erin for letting them know about the contest.



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