Welcome To The World Miles!

My day started yesterday at 5:30a.m, but I don’t think I got much sleep the night before. Worrying that I’d miss the alarm, that the alarm wouldn’t go off. Excitement of the pending birth. I suppose I should have slept better given the fact I knew it was coming at a certain time, but never happens that way. I made my trek to Riverside Hospital to meet up with Randy and Trisha for the birth of their fourth son. This was my second Birth session with them and I was so excited to be a part of it.Trisha is so laid back and at ease while laboring..you really wouldn’t know she was having contractions. She makes it seem so easy. I’m sure she’d disagree with me. We all had thought this process would go fairly quick as the last birth of their son Carter was about four hours. The baby had other plans.And so we waited and waited. We joked how all the images would be them on their cell phones updating their Facebook status’s and such. It’s the sign of time time’s. They watched on TV the final farewell to the Pope as the TV played silently in their room. Trisha would hold her belly for the last time’s. And Randy would comfort her as needed or just share a laugh with her.She had a bit of back pain and Randy did his best to rub her back for her and help ease the discomfort. Randy was craving in the worst way a McDonald’s Burrito, so when his In-law’s arrived,he got his bag of goodies and ate away. Thankfully it wasn’t of interest to Trisha. Breakfast came and went an then lunch…they placed their bet’s when they thought the baby would arrive. 2 p.m. was the goal if not before.Trisha had this adorable hat that she wanted to put on the baby once he arrived.Things continued to seem to go along slowly, but she began to feel more pressure and much to their surprise she was ready to deliver.This is the smile of a beautiful Mama about to meet her baby boy….Trisha’s parents came into give them support and well wishes before they stepped out for the delivery. Just as with laboring, Trisha seems to deliver so easily. He was here in no time and they placed him on her belly to meet his parents face to face. He arrived at 1:30 p.m.
I adore these images. Trisha wanted to do the Kangaroo Care after the birth. This skin on skin contact is soothing for both mother and child and helps in the bonding process. Miles was crying from the  moment he was delivered, but as soon as they placed him on his mother’s chest, he instantly was soothed. Miles weighed 9lb’s. He has a feisty cry and let the nurse’s know he didn’t like being bothered. It didn’t take him long to find his fingers that he would suck on. Randy’s mom brought the rest of the family in to meet their new brother. Lucas, Brady and Carter were excited to see Miles. Well perhaps Carter was a little less excited, but he was more curious who the little being was. After all, he was the baby of the family.Trisha and her mom sharing a beautiful moment together.It’s such a joy taking it all in from my point of view. I watched from many different angles as Trisha just swallowed whole her family and that look of pride on her face. She has a house full of boys, but I don’t think she’s change a thing for a second. And Randy is so supportive and caring, what a great team they make together. The first family portrait with Miles Kenneth. Welcome to the world Miles! Thanks again to Randy and Trisha for allowing me to be a part of this big event in their lives. I always cherish these moments.

Linda Armstrong - March 4, 2013 - 3:19 pm

This is so awesome – thanks for sharing! What a beautiful family and you all look so happy. Congratulations to all!

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