Easter Is Around The Corner…

Hard to believe but so happy that spring is nearly here. I am so ready for it. To get a head start, I recently photographed Laney and her brother Will at my home. In the past I’ve been asked on occasion if I offer studio like setting. I’ve always kind of gone the opposite direction of it cause I like the freedom to roam when I’m out and about, but I know sometimes the weather doesn’t always co-operate or especially in the winter months when no one wants to be out side, they still want to have photos done for whatever the occasion. So I will now also be offering a studio like service for those so inclined. Laney is such an adorable girl….love those big brown eyes. She goes to school with our son, and somewhere down the family tree she sits on a branch of it. So it was great to be able to get some photos of them both.
Laney took to one of our new kittens and wanted to hold on to him the whole time she was here. Thankfully he’s a lover and didn’t seem to mind too much. What a heart-breaker!!Will made it in for a photo, but he wasn’t as keen on the camera, but it’s all good. I got one of ya smiling buddy!! Thanks for bringing me some colorful spring like cheer!

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