Sweet Maddy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!……It’s been a crazy busy weekend and I had intended on getting this blog up sooner, but time got the best of me and here I am squeezing it in…but better late than never. I got to take photos of the ADORABLE Madison, or as she is often called, Maddy. She’s so precious. I just love her to pieces. Her talented Mommy made here this green dress and Maddy loved wearing it and when I pulled out the tiara, she was so excited to wear it.I’ve always been drawn to red heads. Having been born to a natural red head, I always longed for more red hair than I had. Maddy’s beautiful red hair and her porcelain skin and those irresistible cheeks. She was a true doll baby.Maddy was shy and yet if you got her laughing she had the cutest lil laugh. She has a spunky sense of humor and know’s what she wants. She’s certainly know’s what she wants for her young two years.And then there is the more shy side of Maddy. She didn’t fuss or cry, but she just would look at you with those baby blue eye’s. So sweet. Several of Maddy’s family members are Irish Dancer’s and it won’t be long until she follows in their footsteps. It was fun getting to spend a lil time with Sweet Maddy…Tis a fine Lass!

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