My Guy….

6 year’s ago this night I was sitting watching oddly enough some of March madness. For me that his highly unusual as I don’t care much for sports. It had been a bit of an easy day, for being 40 weeks along, that was unusual too, but I didn’t seem to start putting it all together. At around 12:30 a.m. we’d just gone to bed and I felt a pop sensation. I lay there, waiting for immense pain that never happened. I again shrugged it off and fell asleep. At around 2:30 a.m. my water broke and we knew we had an exciting day ahead of us. It wasn’t until 9:33pm that night on March 23rd that we got to meet our Sweet Ephram.  Six year’s later and it’s been an exciting day ever since Ephram came into the world.Mr. Personality as I like to call him. He’s my lil ham. He’s always making people smile and makes everyone a friend. He started Kindergarten this past fall and has loved making new friends and has been a walking information vessel with all he’s learning. He seems to love math which is a huge relief to me cause I loathed it (still do). He enjoy’s art and yes, taking photos. Go figure. He loves being center of attention and making people laugh. How can you not love that about someone. Literally the last 22 days we’ve been hearing daily the countdown to his pending birthday…as if we would forget. But we are looking forward to celebrating with him a low key birthday with family and then a little get together with some other family and friends this weekend.
He has such a vivid imagination and loves playing with his trains and trash trucks and is all about Air Force planes, the jet fighters and air craft carriers. He loves Top Gun and has just been introduced into the world of James Bond…..the Daniel Craig addition and is loving it. Ephram loves music…he loves singing. He started singing around the house a lot when he was about 3, but he’s progressed to actually making up some pretty humorous songs. This kid has some talent. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EPHRAM….You rock our world! xoxo

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