Molly’s Birth Day!

It seemed like a few weeks I waited for ‘the call’. There were a few false alarms. There was a lot of contractions and days that felt like this would be the day Anya and Rob would meet their baby girl. Finally on Friday, April 12, 2013 nature took over and Molly was making her way to her arrival. Anya kept me up to date with the status as I had a nearly two hour drive to make it to Athen’s where she would deliver at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital. I think part of what kept me on edge was knowing this was baby #2 and not knowing how fast things might go and knowing there was a distance between us. It was important for me to make it to this delivery. Rob and Anya started off as clients, but we now consider them dear friends.

Upon my arrival at the hospital that evening around 6:30 pm, Anya was contracting, but in good spirits. Rob kept her laughing and cheering her on, and when she was having the discomfort of labor, he was there to guide her through and encourage her. Together they make a great, solid team. He was such an awesome coach with her and was always there to comfort her best he could.


I have to say Anya deserves a huge kudo’s. I watched as she would go in and out of painful contractions and yet she was so calm and controlled in getting through them. She went for hour’s without getting and epidural, which that alone is kudo’s. I couldn’t have done that. But she did it like a pro. And when she wasn’t contracting, this girl would laugh and smile and you wouldn’t even know she was in the process of labor.


We placed our bets as to when we thought Molly would make her arrival, we were guessing sometime before midnight. The wonderful mid-wive’s who were taking care of Anya would check her and there was slow progress being made as the hour’s past. Slowly the window of time before midnight got closer. Much like with her first birth two year’s ago to the week with their son Ben….she went for awhile looking like it would be a way’s off, then suddenly things start to happen and happen fast.

Being a part of a birth is so humbling and I feel honored. And watching someone come into the world is such a beautiful thing. I was so moved watching Anya as she progressed from a slow laboring to the onset of  immediate birth. Such raw emotion. When it came time, the flood gates opened. The excitement and anticipation, the fear and anxiety all came to a head. Anya broke down and yet Rob was right there all the way to help her through. To see the way they held onto one another in complete trust, had I let myself go on watching them and not doing my job, I would have been crying right there with her.

FINALLY at 1:12 a.m. on Saturday, April 13th, Molly Kate entered the world. At 7lbs and 13 oz, she had dark brown curly hair. Looking so much like her big brother Ben. She was a strong, feisty little girl. As soon as they placed her on Anya’s chest, all that emotion quickly turned to smiles and tears of joy. What a celebration of life.

So glad that I was able to make it to this special event. So many highlights I’ve been able to share in this family’s life…..I cherish that.

Welcome to the world Molly!

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