Connor recently celebrated his 1st birthday. His Mommy had me come to his house in Dublin to do his 1 year session. We started off in his playroom. Connor is at that cute stage where he’s on the verge to start talking….but for the moment he makes noises to get your attention. He reminded me how much I miss this age.

Love those dark set eyes….melt your heart. We went up to Connor’s room for some photos. He’s all about books right now. He kept picking up a  new book to skim through and look at the pages. He has an adorable room with planes and trucks all over it.We went outside to enjoy the fresh air. Connor seemed to enjoy everything from bark on a tree to the mulch on the ground…..these are all new things to check out. He didn’t want to sit still for long as he had lots of ground to cover. 

One of Connor’s favorite things to do is take the knob off his playhouse. Just as his Mommy told me, he wasted no time in getting it off the door and into his hand an right into his mouth. This is a fun age and lots of exciting things ahead for Connor to experience. Hold on Mom an Dad!

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