The Birth Of A Mother…

Last Monday night, Shannon and Ken were heading into Dublin Methodist Hospital for an induction. It was sure to be a long night ahead.  Shannon gave me a call around 9pm. just to give me an update on how things were going and that either she or Ken would give me a call when she was 5-6 centimeters.   I went to bed at 10pm. If you know me, you’ll know I normally don’t go to bed until about 2a.m. every night. I’ve always been an night owl.

At 4:15a.m. Ken called and let me know it was time to come in. I jumped in the shower  an made my way to Dublin. This was my first time doing a birth session at Dublin Methodist so I was looking forward to it. I’ve heard so many nice things about this hospital and it did not disappoint. It’s almost like walking into a nice hotel, until you see the hospital aspects.

I walked into their room shortly before 6a.m. and Ken was laying in the pull out bed and Shannon was a lot more comfortable than she had been earlier. She was doing good, but clearly tired of a long night of not much rest. It wasn’t long before the nurse came into check her again and much to our surprise she was at 10 centimeters.

As the nurses began to prep Shannon, you could feel the excitement in the room. Ken and Shannon began to make a couple of quick calls to their friends and family. Ken called their mom’s and made sure that his older daughter Lily would be up and to the hospital soon to meet her baby sister.

Shannon began trying to deliver, but not much was happening, so they decided to let nature take it’s course and give her some time to get some much needed rest. She napped for almost two hours..and then it was time!

She pushed for a little bit, and then all the sudden, there she was. This sweet precious baby girl was placed on Shannon’s chest. The look of instant love was written all over her face. They named her Caelyn Celeste. She will be called cutely enough, CC.

Upon placing her on Shannon’s chest, they noticed that Caelyn’s nose was compressed to the side and she was having a little bit of trouble breathing out of that nostril. When she was born, she was facing up, rather than towards the floor.  Shannon did the skin on skin and noticed that she wasn’t moving and her skin went from pink to purple. They quickly took her from Shannon and placed her in the warmer. She began to pink back up in a matter of seconds. The nurse’s took watch over her and did their check up’s. They kept a close eye on her. It was amazing to see how even though she had her nose bent to one side, you could see her face starting to take shape. The nurses were confident that her nose would soon straighten up.

She had such baby doe eye’s. She sat in the warmer and just look all around. Her daddy and the nurses would every once in awhile push her nostril the opposite direction to help her breath a bit better.  She was so content. They placed her back in Shannon’s arms and allowed her to nurse for the first time.

I just was standing there in awe, so thankful for my job and some of the cool things I have been able to do. Watching a couple become parents. Watching a woman become a Mother for the first time. Watching her feeling like she is fumbling all over the place, while seeing from my perspective her doing it so naturally. It’s a beautiful thing.

Shortly after, both Ken and Shannon’s mom’s came in along with big sister Lily. Ken placed Caelyn in Lily’s arms. She looked like such a proud big sister. This little girl is going to look up to her so much. There might be a lot of year’s between them, but they will share a close bond. And she will be a great help with Ken and Shannon.

So on this Mother’s Day, I’m just happy to be able to be a part of moments like this…such a wonderful thing to experience. The thrill never get’s old. I am looking forward to seeing Caelyn again this week for her first portraits!! Congrats Ken, Shannon and Lily!!

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