Sleeping Baby…

More baby goodness. This is Eli and his new baby brother, Logan. Logan was just a week old when we met at a park in Muirfield.  It’s amazing how having a baby brother makes Eli look that much older now. Megan and Troy have  two perfect boys now and all seems content in their world. Logan slept through his entire session. He barely opened his eyes for me. He was happy to just enjoy the breeze on his skin and sleep away the day. It didn’t matter how much we moved him around, he was still as can be.
Eli was showing me his awesome dance moves. He’s growing up so fast. He himself was just a baby when I first met him. Ah, the luxury of just laying under a tree on a warm spring day…..Some of Eli and Logan’s cousin’s stopped by and got some photos taken too. This bunch has so much fun together. I love the element of a big family with tons of kids running around. How nice that must be.Eli seems so good with his baby brother. He was very attentive of him and giving him kisses. He’s still learning the ropes of having a baby around, but he’ll get it. Welcome to the family Logan…….you have a huge family who is going to love on you! You are a lucky lil guy!

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