Smiles and Tears

For the past few months, Whit and I had been touching base on getting together to do some updated photos of her family and her sister in law’s kids as well. But weather and sickness’s kept getting in the way. I was beginning to think we’d never get around to it. But finally everything seemed to line up and though there was a bit of gusty winds that day, we were not going to let it steal our chance once more and so glad we did. The kids arrived at Scioto Park in Dublin and enjoyed playing down along the river. We did our best to keep them dry and clean as kids can be when in a park setting. To the left is Whit with her daughters Olive and Eloise on her lap. To the right is Kate with her children, Ben, Sarah and Nate.We tried and tried getting a photo of the kids for the grandparents without tears and sad faces, but each time Whit would walk away, little Eloise would cry her little heart out. She was happy as can be on the swing…….if only!Ben is nine year’s old and full of inquisitive questions.
Sarah is 7 years old and was not shy in front of the camera. She was such the model.
Nate recently celebrated his 1st birthday, but he’s a little less sure about having his photo taken.Olive is 3 year’s old and curious about the world around her.Eloise is has just turned one herself and is all about mom right now.
How could I resist. Once again Whit took off from Eloise and the tears began to flow….you wouldn’t know that she’s standing  just inches away from her. Nate took notice and didn’t like Eloise crying alone so he made her feel justified. How cute are they!

It was a fun time at the park and the kids ended the session on the play ground. Though there were some tears shed, in the end I think everyone was happy.

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