Hello Beckett!

Oh my goodness…one more precious lil being…this is Beckett and he was just two weeks old. In all the newborns I’ve been fortunate to work with, never have I seen a baby with such personality. Beckett had us cracking up with his facial expressions. I was surprised to hear of his birth as I’d just seen them before the holidays and didn’t know they were expecting so what a welcome surprise.Those lips…..At one point I had to stop shooting cause I was laughing so hard…Beckett was looking at his arm as if he hadn’t figured out it was attached to him. He wore this look of concern and confusion on his sweet face and just couldn’t take his eyes off of this moving object in front of him. Dare we forget such simple things are new to them….all part of the learning process.Beckett joined his big brother Lincoln and his parents Angela and Andy out in their back yard of their home. Lincoln is still coming to terms with having a new person in the house. He’s learning the ropes, all the while running mom and dad around as he does his thing. Andy and Angela now have two sweet baby boys to raise up. I’m sure they will be the highlight of their lives.
This kid already is so full of character.
Lincoln wasn’t as keen on having photos taken with the rest of the family as he wanted to play with his golf set and just run around the back yard, but he did show me his chair and let me get a couple of quick photos of him in it. 

Such sweet lil guys. Cherish the moments as they grow up so fast……

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