Jonathan and Christina-Destination Wedding

Goodness, I’ve been looking forward to this blog post…I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and Christina about two year’s ago when they contacted me to shoot their engagement session. At the time Christina was a student at OSU and they were in the planning stages of their wedding. They wanted to both get through their education before the big day. We had a lot of fun together and month’s later they asked if I’d photograph their wedding. I was excited to have another wedding outside of Ohio….but I didn’t fully realize just how far up into Michigan it was. The wedding was held in the city of Marquette, far up into the deep upper peninsula of Michigan. It was about an 11 hour drive for us to make the trip, and so worth every mile.

The wedding day started off with a fog that grew denser as the day progressed. I was a bit giddy  for that, something a bit different. The bridal parties would be getting ready at The Landmark Hotel.  Marquette is an adorable little city along Lake Superior. I have to say, with the drive up to Marquette at times I felt like we had crossed over in to Canada..endless miles of pine tree forests, and just a look about things having reminded me of  my previous travels in Canada. The city streets are lined with alternating flags from the US to the Canadian. I must be on to something.

I met up with Christina and her bridal party at the salon where they were getting finishing touches on their hair and make up.Looking gorgeous ladies!Back at The Landmark Hotel the guy’s were getting their suits on.Before putting on their wedding attire, Jonathan and Christian opened their gift’s to each other…I think they were both pretty pleased with what they received! I loved the style of Christina’s gown, it was such a perfect fit for her. She looked stunning. A moment with Christina’s parents before they made the drive over to the church. The ceremony was performed at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Marquette. The church stands so tall you can see it from many vantage points around the city. It’s as grand inside as out. Waiting for the limo to arrive….Christina still seemed calm and ready to go.
After an hour long ceremony they could celebrate that their long engagement was finally behind them and they were now Husband and Wife! Leading up to the wedding I had never really asked the specifics of ‘where’ we were going for their portraits. Having never been to the area before, I trusted that they would know some good spots. We all hopped into the limo and took off for the first spot along Lake Superior. I was pleased and excited for a neat backdrop. We got back into the limo and drove just a bit further in the park and got out. I walked behind of Christina and Jonathan who kind of blocked my sight for a moment then there it was… kind of took my breath away.  This beautiful wooded area of the greenest pines opened to a breathtaking view over looking the lake. I was doing the happy dance!This bridal party was so great to work with, they were a lot of fun and full of great humor. Jonathan and Christina have some great family and friends to stand with them on their big day. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
I could have spent a few hours shooting here, but alas there was a party to be had. We made one more stop on our way to the reception. Near one of the marina’s stands this old abandoned ore dock area. Pretty cool and unique. Originally Christina and Jonathan had plans to have the reception at a different location, but the venue had shut down. So they moved to plan B and it was held at The Holiday Inn. I think it all turned out so nice. I was impressed at all the small details. They thought of everything. From the cute photos of themselves on the bathroom door’s in the hotel lobby to putting in special items in the bathroom’s guests might need. They even went as far as a little day after thought…for those that might be feeling a bit worse for the wear. The room looked great and guests enjoyed each other’s company with the cocktail hour to a wonderful dinner. The cakes were out of this world good. Created by the talented Joe Heck of Joe’s Cakes. They even had an late night snack for guest’s that included pizza and sliders….again…they thought of everything!
They had a wonderful celebration for their reception with sentimental and hilarious speeches. They had a lot of fun dancing and having a good time with their friends and family. I’d like to thank Jonathan and Christina again for allowing us to bring along Ephram. No, normally I don’t make a habit of my child going to weddings with us, but this was a different circumstance and Christina helped me realize there was going to be some beauty to be seen making our way up there and back. We love to travel with Ephram and I’m so glad he came cause we had such a great time. That being said, he had so much fun  at the wedding himself. Dancing with the ladies. And a big thanks to those at our table. You kept him entertained, or maybe it was the other way around!
To end the night Jonathan and Christina sent off some lanterns into the sky. It was a great send off to a wonderful day. We had such a great time shooting this wedding that it didn’t even feel like ‘work’. It will certainly be one of my highlight weddings that I will cherish. Thank you both for the opportunity and all the fun we’ve had leading up to it. Best wishes to you in the future!!

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