I Wonder Where They Get It From:

It’s always fun meeting new people, as well as working with clients again and again….but I think it’s even more fun when you get to work with friends. To know their personality’s and seeing them all mesh together. I knew going into my session with John and Julie and the kids would bring on the fun.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for about 8 years now and watched as he married his bride and has brought children into the world and it makes me smile. Together John and Julie have an adorable daughter, Marie who is 3 and Michael who just turned 1. Julie told me upon arriving at the park that Marie dressed herself that day. I loved it. It’s her true colors coming through. It seemed fitting for such a spunky girl. Michael, I could eat him up…he’s too precious. He’s sweet as can be and a little ham. Bliss is found…It is no surprise that both Marie and Michael already are showing such strong personality’s. Bit’s of their dad, bit’s of their mom….the best parts indeed.I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…..yes these were the kids acting up without prodding. These were the kids doing just as I hoped. It was often hard to take the photos I would be laughing so much. John and Julie both enjoy spending time together as a family…being outdoors and taking walks. They have a love for travel and John and I both share a love of photography. He’s always keeping me up to date with new things in the world of photography. How cute are you Marie?
Guido? Rocking the fedora!Those blue eyes, that blonde hair, those pink lips, what a lil heart breaker. Daddy is going to keep a tight hold of his little girl. Looking at these two and seeing the road that brought them both here makes me happy. I’m happy for our friends and the life they have created together. They have been blessed. 

I know without a doubt Marie and Micheal have two really cool, fun and hip parents. And life is going to be full of memories for them. And they are going to both be the type of people you wanna hang around with cause they are such a hoot. Glad to call you all friends!

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