Oh Lucy!

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon when I met up with Jenny and Todd and their girls, Addison and Lucy at a park in Gahanna. Having worked with this bunch for a few year’s now, I knew what to expect. Lucy is very much a Mama’s girl and there is nothing wrong with that. She wanted to stay right close with her at all times.And when Mama walked away, the flood gates open and the tears don’t stop. We tried dancing and singing and playing videos, just trying to get one lil iddy biddy smile. It’s not so bad Lucy…..Addison and Lucy love hugging on each other, so long as Addison lets go when Lucy is done. They took a nice stroll through the woods together hand in hand. A strong bond between sisters. Addison is always full of cheer and working the camera. She is full of life inside that little body of her’s. Lucy is an old soul, with a sweetness about her. She loves to give warm hugs and kisses that are always appreciated!
In the end, the girl’s had some fun at the park with Mom and Dad and we managed to get a few photos of Lucy not crying. Tears or no tears….she’s still just as cute as can be!

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