1, 2, 3…

Summer is coming to an end and we are all trying to soak up those last rays of sun. With the summer we’ve had, I think we all wanna make the best of the nice weather while we have it. A fun day for this bunch is a bike ride to the local park and playing on the field with one another. Kierin and her brother’s Zephan and Kaelon all enjoy having a sweet snack after that ride to the park. Lisa and Sirini enjoy these family time’s with the kids. They are growing so fast. They are all changing and growing into themselves. Each with such sweet personalities. Kierin was having an off day…..she just wasn’t having the photos. In the start she was giving some smiles, but after awhile she was done..but still cute as can be, even when he’s not hamming it up for the camera.
One person in the triplets lives that get’s special hugs is their close friend Terri. She’s been there from the start with open arms to help out with the triplets or to give mom and dad a break. They adore her. It’s clear she feels the same.

Another fun adventure had with the triplets….

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