Jenni and Mike-2013 Winners!

The long awaited day finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for Jenni and Mikes wedding day. As 2013’s winners for the free photography services, I was happy to get the chance to spend this day with them.  They were married at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard on a humid summer’s afternoon. After week’s of warm to cool temps, it only made sense their wedding day would be so hot. But in the end it was a beautiful day.
Jenni is a natural beauty, and looked stunning when she was all ready. She was so calm and at ease. She was taking it all in and her friends were there to celebrate with her.Mike and his groomsmen were getting ready downstairs in the men’s locker room. Along with Jenni’s sister and her other bridesmaids, Jenni looked like the dress was made just for her. I adored the color choices she used for her wedding. The girl’s all looked so nice, a very flattering color.
Getting a little bit of love from her daughter as she gets here hair done.
A bit of fatherly advice? Jenni’s dad and Mike having a ‘special’ moment. Here comes the bride……so many happy tears…….Jenni’s dad brought tears to just about everyone’s eyes when he made a special mention of her late mother. So touching.
This marriage also joins together a family now of five…Mikes daughter Rebecka and son Brennen and Jenni’s daughter Maddi. Brennen and Maddi looking on as their parents say their vows. They were both equally excited about officially becoming brother and sister. The bridal party was a fun bunch….I had some good chuckles during the day…love that about wedding days. Just seeing how they all mesh together and get on. The jokes and banter. A good crew of friends. As the day proceeded and we were finishing off the portraits, the thunder started to rumble in the skies above. We moved along quickly so that we didn’t get caught in the rain.  Not long after it poured. Just done in the nic of time!A candy table greeted the guests upon entering the reception hall. All types of yummy treats. The bridal party all had fun doing their own thing upon entering the reception. This bunch and their sense of humor..Jenni and Mike enjoyed their first dance together and the guests watched. Her face would light up each time she would look into Mike’s eyes. After a speech given by her father, filled with humor…they shared the father-daughter dance…but little did people know what they had in store. Even I forgot what was coming as I got caught up in the moment.
And then the music stopped and the DJ changed his tune into something more funky and you could hear the gasps of surprise in the room as they tore up the floor. It was really cute and such a special moment of the night. They both did such a good job and will have this great memory for year’s to come. Jenni had one more surprise in store. She surprised her grandfather into a dance wearing her late mother’s wedding gown…again the tear’s fell upon many, but it was tears of happiness. And even in the midst of such grief, I think Jenni lit up in that moment of being just a little closer to her mom. This gown was stunning in itself. The gown was first worn nearly 40 years ago by her Aunt, and then again by Jenni’s mother for her wedding in 1981. And now Jenni can add herself to one of the lucky few. What a wonderful hand me down to Maddi when she get’s married. The bride and groom played it safe, but not so the case for the best man and maid of honor.Congratulations on your wedding and may you have many years of happiness ahead of you!!

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