Welcome To The World Carden!

Our friends Rob and Kerry recently welcomed baby #2 into their lives, joining big brother Aiven. I was so excited to meet the new addition. How adorable he is. I was struck at how radiant Kerry looked just a week after giving birth. I know as she reads this she’s laughing to herself and thinking  ‘no way’, but I say ‘yes way!’.  Here I am taking photos of them a week later and she’s in fixing us all dinner and having it all together. Way to go mom!In the process of getting ready for his birth, they were faced with having to find a new home, so they have had a lot on their plate, but everything worked out in time for them to welcome Carden. Aiven loved being able to sit and hold his baby brother and give him kisses. If Carden is anything like his brother, he’s going to be a sweet heart of a boy. Carden was already pushing himself along, holding his head up strong, just days old. So curious to see what’s going on around him. It’s a lot to take in.But he was also very hungry and just never seemed to be topped off  just enough. Growing little boy. Love that pout!Yea, this is the stuff that makes baby fever creep in….Congratulations Rob, Kerry and Aiven….you have been blessed with another handsome son. We are so happy for you all!

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