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Over the course of early spring into summer, I was longing for September to arrive. Not one to want to rush summer away, but having been home from living in Las Vegas for the last ten years, I was so excited to have my friend Heather come spend some time with us. It was a long overdue visit. I had so much to show her and couldn’t wait to mark the days off my calender. I took her and Ephram to one of our local pumpkin patch. So much to take in there. Back in Vegas a typical pumpkin patch is a pop up tent on the corner of a desert lot with pumpkins and other autumn delights shipped in from California. Just not the same. Ephram enjoyed having Heather in town. He was bummed that he had to be in school for most of it, but he had a lot of fun playing with her when he had free time. We had a lot of fun cooking together and sharing recipes. Heather has had to change her eating habits due to bettering her health and shared a lot of insightful information on it. And then this happened…so the story goes, Heather was helping us build the hearth in our house so we were at a rock company picking up some materials when this little guy popped his head out at us. Looking hungry and scared, how could we resist his cuteness? Apparently his mother hadn’t been seen in a few days and seeing as he was living under a crate in a working environment with trucks and other machines rolling around, how could we get back in our car and leave him. Suckers! So home he came with us and we were smitten. He was a little lover. He would cuddle in your arms and fall fast asleep. Climb your legs till he got back in your arms. Sweet little kitty.He was a dirty kitten, so we gave him a bath to get the fleas off him. Heather was determined to get him home back to Vegas and we tried to figure out ways to do so. Unfort. he wasn’t old enough to fly yet when she returned home. So for the time being ‘Blarney’ has been living with us. Possibly an addition to our kitties. But maybe one day he will make the trip to his home in Vegas. The long awaited trip finally was here…..I had told Heather for years about Amish Country. Nothing like it. I knew she would love it. From the natural goodies to the quilts and other finds. It was so much fun being able to take her up there. We had so much fun and tried to take in as much as we could. With a lot of shopping, with driving the country roads to go take photos, to just spending time together. It was an awesome time.
I think Heather officially broke herself into Amish Country and made a sizable dent in her bank account. But it was all worth it. Heather loved sending texts back to her kids and husband in Vegas an share what she was doing and seeing. Heather and I are a lot alike. We have a lot of the same interests and loves. It was so nice to have her here for awhile to do those things with. She’s like the sister I never had. Stinks we have to live so far apart. Heather is a police officer for The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. But in her free time she loves photography and has an eye for it. She’s done some beautiful work and I knew we would have a great time just going on photo journeys. It was great seeing both of our images coming together and how we each see things. What can I say…….when Heather arrived, she gifted me with this beautiful quilt she’d made me. I was floored. It was so touching. She’d taken so much time to make this and didn’t miss a detail. She picked the perfect pieces that reflected bits of my loves. The detail and love that goes into a quilt is something that is priceless to me. I will cherish this quilt for years to come. We spent the night in Amish Country cause we still had so much ground to cover. We woke the next morning just before the sun lite the sky. It was a beautiful sunrise…and no, there is no editing that color. Pure autumn glory.We had fun doing our antiquing and running around. Spent some time riding on the four wheeler’s. Ephram was eager to give Heather a ride around the property at my father-in-law’s. We walked the streets around Granville to take photos. It’s fun just to walk around your own area and take it in. We met a lot of people along the way and learned stuff as we went. Heather did some family portraits of us and I of her…..always nice to have those keepsakes. The night before Heather returned home we had a bon fire. We sat and talked under the moonlit skies and had a lot of laughs. We could talk for hours and have to force ourselves to go to bed just to get some rest. One of my favorite images of Heather while she was here. I know it was a very relaxing trip for her. Getting to the country, a setting she longs for and doesn’t get in Las Vegas. I hope that it was everything and more for her.We’ve been friends for nearly 16 years and it’s great being able to spend time with her. It’s hard to have the distance between us, but it makes those times we do see each other that much more special. You don’t take it for granted. It was another life that led us together, but we had a bond way back then and it’s grown so much over the years. She’s been a solid rock for me in the good times and in the bad and she stood by me. I love that we still have that bond even though we now live in different states. We all had so much fun and cannot wait until ‘next time’. We had a lot of great memories and some wonderful laughs. Though it’s tough being apart, we cherish those moments we do get to be together and look forward to seeing each other again. Miss you much!

Heather - October 31, 2013 - 4:24 am

Wow, makes me wanna cry. What a blessing it is to have you for a friend! Thank you, I had more than fun, more than good times….it was a dream come true visiting the country and hanging out with a dear friend. I look forward daily to our next adventure!! Hopefully that will be sooner, than later.

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