Autumn Fun…

Lucy is a whole 2 year’s old now..I’ve been taking her photos since she was a newborn and I’ve enjoyed the time’s I’ve gotten to spend with her and her parents. She’s growing into such a sassy little girl with so much spunk. We met up at Lynd’s Fruit Farm for some pumpkin picking and apple grabbing and a whole lot more. Lucy was checking it all out. Such a tender heart, she’s got a bright smile. Lucy would one minute be laughing and then get serious and let me know how things were going to be! Julie and Andy are such a sweet couple, they are always a delight to work with. So it’s no wonder that Lucy is following in their footsteps. Still so many apples to pick…Lucy had fun picking them, and maybe throwing them…….shhh, don’t tell anyone!Lucy enjoyed running around the land of Lynd’s. She had her own plans of what she wanted to see and do. It’s fun to just let the kiddo’s do their thing to see what they do. Sweetness in a nutshell! 

At the end of the session, Lucy had a new pumpkin and maybe some apples and a whole lotta fun. It was a fun afternoon at the farm!

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