Fall Mini Sessions

Time keeps slipping by and the work has been coming in and I’m just attempting to keep my head above the surface…blogging has been pushed off to the back burner these last few weeks just so I can keep up with the flow…but I wanted to post some images from the Fall Mini sessions I held here at my house a few weeks ago. It ended up being a beautiful sunny day, although a lot of the leaves had yet to turn. It’s so great having my own property of land now to work on when needed an not having to fight with crowds at parks and such. It’s a new means for me, but I’m growing to like it.
It was great being able to see some familiar faces that I’ve worked with in the past and meet some new families. I had a lot of fun just allowing people to find their comfort zones and approach things that way. Even I was nervous……this was a new avenue of the business for me. I’ve used the house a few times in portraits, but this was something different and I found it worked out well.
So many sweet kiddos came out that day and they all loved the big hay bale…however once they were on top of it, it was a little scary, but we got through it one by one. A new swing we just added in our yard for E to play on was a hit as well. I enjoy a nice swing on it myself as I wait for him to get off the bus.Oh if only the leaves had really started to fall. This autumn seemed slow going…it was a late fall. The colors took their time to really pop and the leaves all seemed to fall in one day….But it was nice while it lasted.

Thank you all for coming out and taking part in the Fall Mini Sessions….it was a lot of fun seeing you all.

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