An Adorable Family…

It seemed like forever for the colors of fall to actually turn this year, but when they did, it was so breathtaking. I loved the rich hues of Autumn. How excited I was to meet up with this new family on such a beautiful fall afternoon in downtown Worthington.
Rob and Leigh had just welcomed Evan, their third baby a few weeks earlier. Ellie and Jackson are excited about the new baby!
It seemed every corner we turned, every spot we stopped was the picture perfect moment with this bunch. A sweet family and lots of cuteness. Ellie was not one bit shy of the camera. She actually turned it on for me and was such a doll baby.
Jackson was eager to go where he wanted to roam and see what all he could see. A lot of running to keep up with those little legs. And who can resist a newborn….The kids loved playing in the leaves….running and frolicking about.Jackson had taken off in another attempt to see how far he could get away from Dad. He turned around and gave this big ol’ grin. Just melts your heart.

So great meeting you all and playing in the leaves!!

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