Happiness in the Family

I always enjoy it when the whole family comes together for a session. Sometimes members are in town visiting so it’s a rare opportunity. Sometimes it’s to celebrate a milestone or just to be together. What is great fun is just watching them interact and be together. Knowing that they are at that moment creating memories to look back on for year’s to come. To see the little one’s an how they will grow up so fast from dated photos. 50 toes, 50 fingers, 5 smiles, lot of giggles and pure sugar…..looking on to the next generation of this family.
The color’s were just in their prime, fall was in full color. Taking in the beauty of it all.I love it when clients ham it up for the camera’s, they allow their true self to show. These two did not disappoint. Blessed with a wonderful son and daughter, and the additions they have brought to this family!

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