Introducing Warren!

It is funny the path’s that cross…year’s ago when I was living in Pickerington, I was at the park one afternoon with my son and just minding my own business.  I had noticed this woman with her two young children, the daughter and my  son had taken a fondness of each other and began chasing each other about. So I struck up the conversation with the mom and here we are a few year’s later. When I found out a few month’s ago that Scott and Brandi were expecting their third child, I was excited for this new path in their life. Their children Emily and Charlie have filled their home with a lot of laughter and memories…and now they welcome their newest son, Warren.12Sweet as can be…Warren was one of those babies you just instantly want to cuddle and hold tight.3Warren was a mere 5 days old when I met him, he was an eating machine, never satisfied enough. He didn’t cry too  much, but certainly was going to make me work for it. He has a love relationship with his binky, as he did not want to share…..can’t blame the guy.4Emily and Charlie have taken on the roll well of big brother and sister. They love baby Warren and were both eager to hold him close. 5Brandi like me shares a foot fetish…..those adorable ten tiny little toes….irresistable! 6It is not often….if in fact a first for me to catch a newborn smiling….how sweet it is……78Warren was born last Saturday during the snow storm, so I thought it only fitting to give him a bit of a snow shot to mark his birth. He was a few days early, so early in fact they were planning on setting his crib up that day when he decided to make his grand entrance……9Brandi and Scott are smitten with their new addition and have been blessed. We are so happy for you all!!

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