2014 Finalists Are:

And here are their stories…….3 lucky couples hoping for that chance to win their wedding photography for their big day. Remember to cast your vote this Wednesday from 9a.m. to 10p.m. that evening. The winning couple will be announced on Valentine’s Day!! Thank you all again for your nominations……best of luck to you all! Share with your family and friends that it’s up to them to make the votes count!


To vote: Simply send an e-mail to me at kama@candidkama.com and let me know the name or number of your pick to be the winner, that’s all you gotta do!

Couple #1 Amanda and Lee

Both of us were born and raised in the fine city of Cleveland, which makes us huge Brown’s fans…..we met about 5 year’s ago when a large group of us went to a game. I’d known Lee in passing over the year’s but was not real close to him. That particular game we ended up sitting next to each other…..the game was intense and the excitement got the better of me and I spilled my beer into Lee’s lap…I thought for sure he’d be mad, but we had a good laugh. I made it up to him by buying him a beer the next night. We found we had so much in common with each other and knew some common friends from our year’s in school. I previously was married and have two young girl’s, so I was a little concerned he wouldn’t want to get involved with me, but I found he loves kids (score) and had no hesitations. He’s been really great with the girl’s and they adore him just the same. Lee proposed to me at you guessed it, a Brown’s game.  They lost that day, and I was feeling blue…but as the stadium cleared out, Lee insisted we wait till we left. By the time most of the seats were empty and I was growing anxious to go, Lee got down on one knee before me and the girl’s and our friend’s and popped the question. It was the best day ever! We just are happy to take part in this contest and hope to win. We look forward to starting this new chapter of our lives together.

Couple #2 Carrie and Jason

Jason and I met through mutual friends in 2005 during a ski trip to Seven Springs. We quickly caught each other’s eye while buying our lift tickets and by the end of the day we found ourselves riding the lift together, laughing and sharing some great conversations.  We dated for a few months but decided to go our separate ways since we were living in different cities.  Fast forward to January 2011 and we found ourselves once again flirting on the ski lift.  Our friendship grew over the months and eventually developed into an amazing relationship full of love and laughter.  I never realized how much joy a sense of humor could bring to my life and Jason learned how happy he was when someone with a big heart was willing to share a little with him .Jason proposed to me on my birthday, December 15th 2014.  We feel that we deserve to win because we waited patiently for “THE ONE”. This is especially true in our case since we spent 6 years apart and during that time we both experienced many twists and turns in life.   It’s been said if you love something set it free and if it returns it’s meant to be. We believe our love will last the rest of our lives and after meeting Kama and Marty, we realized they’re the perfect couple to help us celebrate the beginning of our lives together.

Couple #3 Samantha and Justin

We met at the bowling alley on a Friday night 3 year’s ago. Justin and a group of his friends were playing near us and we got to talking with them. I would have to say for Justin, it was love at first sight. He was cute, and funny…but I wouldn’t call it love. But we exchanged numbers and meet soon after for a dinner and movie and the rest is history. We get on really well together and I adore the way he makes me laugh all the time. He has a really big family so it’s been great getting to know them these past couple of year’s and feeling part of them. I come from a small family, with one sister. Both our families get on so well and we can’t wait to make it official this coming October. Justin proposed to me on a weekend get-a-way in Gatlinburg, TN last fall. He know’s how I love autumn and we took a walk down by a lake where he had laid out a picnic for the two of us and in the middle of the colorful leafs was this diamond ring. I got so excited I knocked the ring and lost it in the leaves for a few minutes…haven’t taken it off since! We feel we deserve to win cause we we love each other and can’t wait to make this commitment in front of our friends and family.


So there you have it……be sure to cast one vote per person this coming Wednesday only. Just let me know the couple you choose. Remember, it’s your vote’s that decide which one of these three couple’s will win!

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