Emmet and Luke

What can I say, these two were absolute baby doll’s. The sweetness of newborn skin, those tiny little finger’s and toe’s. Those wee lil coo’s that they make…..I was smitten. 1 I adored the quilted name’s that their grandmother had made for the boy’s. So unique and cute. She has a lot of talent! 4Tagan and Steve welcomed the boy’s into their growing family, along with their daughter Amelia. They seemed to have it all under control. There was a ease and flow about them…like they had done this before. Big sister Amelia loved to cuddle with her baby brother’s. I know she’s going to be a big helper with mom and dad. She’s very attentive to them. She was so proud to show them off.


Emmet and Luke tried to catch some sleep when they could in between us getting them in place. That growing stuff is tiring. 12

It was fun watching them interact with one another..as you try to imagine them in the womb together. It’s just a fascinating thing to consider two babies growing side by side and sharing so much. They were together, and yet you could tell they were also content in their being individual now….but they will share a bond like no other.

1110Emmet wasn’t so sure about things….he really looked as if he was wondering what he’d gotten himself into. He was not keen on much of anything. He was content to eat and be in his mom or dad’s arm’s…..but he was a little less happy with anything else.9And then there is Luke……..calm and at ease. He just was content with anything. He was a happy go lucky guy. He could sleep through anything, even his brother screaming in his ear, or be stripped down, not a care in the world. 87

I look forward to watching these two grow up together and the family bond together with each day. So many great memories to be made…these two have been welcomed into a great family. Congratulations on the birth of Emmet and Luke!

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