I’m Gonna Be An Aunt!

1A couple of months ago I got a call from my brother in Florida with news that he and his girlfriend Kat where having a baby….that makes me officially a first time Aunt! Wow, I feel old now….I should start knitting.  Last week we were fortunate enough to take a week out of this miserable winter and head far South. We met up on Clearwater beach with the family and had a session on the beach. Even though the rain was lightly falling, I was making the best of the warm weather conditions. No matter what, I was not complaining about their weather.2This was my first time meeting Kat. She and Bronson seemed to get on great with each other and just having fun in the moment. Both looking forward to when their daughter Nevaeh arrives in April sometime. 3It’s fun watching the excitement in their faces of the road ahead……a lot of great things ahead of them. 4There is about 15 year’s difference between Bronson and me..(gulp) The family has all split up around the East coast, and Bronson remains near his parents in Florida. We get to see each other every so often, but thanks to technology we can talk more often than we see each other. 5

It was fun getting to know Kat a bit while we visited with family. She keeps Bronson in check.


Thank goodness for the pier keeping us dry…it gave us a place to hide. The waves were crashing up on us, a chill in the water, but it was worth it. Although I didn’t brave swimming in the ocean this trip…just being on the beach was enough to sooth me. 789Getting back to Florida has been a long process for me…it’s been nearly 16 years since I was last down there, but it was great getting back and seeing the sights. We were able to catch up with family, spend some time with friends and take on some of the parks. 10Showing some Ohio love-  O.H.

11Love it!12 13There was more raining coming for the next few hours so we made our way up on the pier to finish before the skies let loose. It was a fun time, albeit wet. In the coming weeks a new addition comes into the family…a lot of big changes ahead. A lot of sleepless nights..fussy baby, tired parents…..but hang in there..it’ll all be worth it.

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