1Last week I got to return to Florida after the birth of my niece. Born on April 9, she had a rough start to entering this world, but she is a serious trooper. She had shoulder dystocia, and in the process of birth her left upper arm was broken. To heal, her arm has to be bound to her shirt to keep it from moving and she will go through some therapy to help her along and hopefully have no nerve damage.

As with any newborn, you want to treat them delicately, but Nevaeh it seemed even more so. I hated to move her, but she took it well. So long as you held her one arm in place she did well. She wasn’t so keen for photos…a cool breezy evening in Florida didn’t sit well with her.
On Easter Sunday, Kat’s family had a family get-together at a beautiful park, so I took the opportunity to get some photos of Bronson and Kat with Nevaeh in her Easter outfit. The kids ran around searching for Easter eggs and a big cook out with all the yummy foods were devoured.
It was such a beautiful day and so relaxing to enjoy a different way of life, Florida style. I’m sold.  It was great catching up with family and taking in some sights I hadn’t seen before in my past visits to Florida.  Getting to see Bronson and his daughter and Kat was my main purpose for this trip, but it ended up being a really fun trip.
Some of Kat’s family got in some of the photos….the more the merrier! Little Nevaeh has a lot of family support around her.
Kat’s younger sister Makayla, she was a cutey!
The whole gang together!

It’s great getting to see Bronson taking on the role of father. He’s smitten with Nevaeh. He’s so good with her. He takes the role very seriously and is right on top of taking care of her needs.
Beautiful girls!
We tried to work with her to make her comfortable for her photos. I have to say I felt limited in what I wanted to do with her cause I didn’t want to hurt her by moving her arm any more than necessary. But we just tried to let her find what was comfortable for her. Keeping baby happy is key!
We’ve all heard the term ‘she’s a doll baby’…..but with Nevaeh it’s so true. She truly is like a live baby doll. Those perfect lil lips, those rosy cheeks, she’s just precious.
All throughout Kat’s pregnancy, they referred to Nevaeh as their lil monkey..the name became a theme. She was at first not happy with her attire, but managed to fall right to sleep in an upright position. I’m so glad I got a chance to get down there to meet her as a newborn and get some images of her. She’ll grow fast and will be so much bigger the next time I see her. So for now I have to rely on seeing photos of her on FB and text messages until we meet again. Congrats again Kat and Bronson!

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