The Birthday Surprise

The triplet’s celebrated their fourth birthday with a surprise new bedroom. When Lisa contacted me about getting photos of them walking into their new room for the first time, I was excited to see their excitement. It even took me by surprise, so I can only imagine the joy they felt.
2Each child has their own play space, according to their current likes, but easy enough, they are only separated by a curtain and they can easily play together. The kids were super excited to play and touch all the new stuff upon entering the room.

3Lisa and Srini spent the better portion of a weekend getting the room prepped and put together. Their efforts were creative and colorful. A kids dream room.4

56Kaelon’s eye’s were so big with excitement…he proceeded right in to check out the new digs.7
Kierin is becoming such a sweet little girl……it’s hard to believe they are no longer babies anymore.

Zephan an those eye’s melt right through you. Such a great bunch of well rounded children. Happy Birthday KZK!!

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