I’d been waiting a long time to get the news that Jake and Erin were expecting. A wedding I shot last year, that they also attended, word slipped out about the baby-I was so excited for them. Well he’s finally here!! And what a sweet heart he is!

Jaxon was hungry when I arrived, he didn’t want to stop feeding…he was a happy boy so long as he was being fed. It’s amazing how much they will take on. Erin finally got him settled. She pulled out this beautiful quilt that her mother-in-law made for her, just as she has done for the other babies of the family. I loved it, a symbolic Celtic quilt.
Sleepy lil guy was in a milk coma…
The fur babies are still adjusting to the new baby in the house…
Ahh, that’s perfection.
Watching as Jake and Erin take on this new role of parenthood, they seem like old pro’s. They’ve had a lot of babies of recent coming into the family so they have gotten plenty of practice.
We strolled over to the park by their home and enjoyed the beautiful spring day. Jaxon seemed to enjoy it too. Cradled in his daddy’s arm with mom right there….that’s all that mattered. Just sitting back and watching them love on him, just as I imagined.
To know Erin is to know she’s such a sweet girl… a lot of spunk, a lot of fun and adorable just the same. She is just in love with this little man and she can’t get enough of him.  Now she has two men that fill her heart.
And a proud father with his son…Jake has such a huge heart and love for his family. He takes care of them both. They make a great team.
Jaxon is a blessing and will grow up with some pretty rad parents. Congrats to you both…..we are so happy for you all!

Arleen Long - May 8, 2014 - 12:11 am

Kama….these pictures are awesome, as usual. Really LOVE the pictures with Jaxon and his quilt. Thanks for making this Grandma a happy lady!

Kama - May 8, 2014 - 12:56 am

I love that quilt. Beautiful work and love the colors. Was so happy to get to use it for some of the images.

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