Nature’s Best

I had the pleasure of catching up with this family once again….and got to meet their newest addition, Riley. Cute as can be and reminding me so much of her Auntie Erin. We spent some time at The Park of Roses in the woods seeing what all was going on around us.
Devin showed the boy’s a snake that was just sunning himself on a log. Damon found a cool shell out by the river. The boy’s enjoyed looking around the woods and throwing rocks into the water. While Riley and her Momma Wendy took in the shade and she enjoyed watching her brother’s.
JJ was not always so sure about what might be lurking around him, but he non the less was finding fun in it and was learning. A boy with spunk, I like that!
Damon was just a newborn the last I saw him and now look at him. Those pensive eye’s….he was a little chatter box and had a sense of his own direction. He knew what he wanted to see an do.
Riley was very attentive to her brother’s. She loved the camera and was sure to keep her eye’s on it.
Devin and Wendy have such an adorable family. And now with the blessing of a little girl….they are so content.
As I said before..Damon was a boy on a mission. He found his shadow and was prancing about the park trying to smash it.
Or you could find him flying off Daddy’s shoulders.
So great getting to meet Riley and seeing how well she blends into your family. She will be well looked after!

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