A Special Gift

These cousin’s got together to surprise their grandparents for their40th wedding anniversary.  Their parents wanted to give them some updated portraits of the grandchildren to cherish.
They were having so much fun running and playing together. It’s great fun having each other to grow up with.
Ella was looking awfully cute in her pink tu-tu. She was just on the cusp of walking but not just yet. She’d get her balance and stand there for a good few moments before she’d slowly allow her self to fall.
Such a happy baby. She loved her Auntie making her laugh.
Emma just celebrated her 5th birthday. She was just as cute in her bright pink attire.
Evan was smiling from ear to ear, showing off his missing teeth. Such a big smile.

Addy is such a big girl. Just before this she took a nasty tumble on the hard concrete and cut up here knee, but mom gave her some good TLC and a band-aid and she was good to go.
Lucy was a quick study and got right into position for her photos.
And their cousins.
I am sure that the grandparents were delighted with some new photos to show off to their friends of their adorable family. 12
Evan blew me away with this image. We’ve come a long ways you and me. In the younger year’s he was not too keen on having his photo taken. And now look at you….handsome and smiling, and listening to instruction. I asked him not to smile for this image and I just gave him a moment as he actually smiled more for me asking other wise…go figure. But I wanted those pensive eyes to pop. Thanks buddy!!

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