A Surprise for Mom:

Lana has been spending the summer here with family. Visiting from her home state of Tennessee, she comes up each summer for a few weeks and has become a fond friend of our son. She’s going on 5 soon, but well advanced for her young age. She is spunky and has a cute bit of an Southern accent. We’ve enjoyed getting to spend time with her and feel sad to see her go back home.  We did a session to surprise her mom back home of her last week in the hay field.
We played in the fields as the farmer was tending to his hay. Lana was having fun and enjoying every minute of being in front of the camera.

Nothing phased her, she was content to plop herself into the hay and throw it into the air and let it fall all around her.
Lana will be starting Kindergarten this year, such an exciting time of transition. She’s gotten a lot of new clothes to mark her first days of school.
Lana and her Aunt Paige who lives here in Ohio had some fun together. She was giving her lots of hugs and kisses.
Paige seems just as smitten for Lana. It’s great that they have this opportunity to spend time together each summer.
Lana is a hoot. She will turn on the charm in an instant. And when she’s not so keen on something, she’ll let you know that too.
She has taken a liking to the swing in our tree, she wanted some photos on it. She’s a bit of a tom boy, an yet all girl. She frets at nothing and just has fun playing video games or running about outside.
That sweet smile. we will miss it. We will look forward to seeing it again soon!
Those lashes and freckles…..to die for.
Safe travels back to Tennessee. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you in December!!

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