Olivia Class of 2015

Olivia is entering the exciting senior year with much anticipation and hope for the future. So much of ahead of her to look forward too. And looking back on the year’s that have led her to this point. A sweet soft spoken girl with lots of charm.

Olivia brought along her two horses to be in some of the photos. This is Fiona.
Fiona and Rocky
Olivia is a senior at Northridge High School. She is counting down the days till graduation.
5It was a hot evening, I felt for Olivia doing this in the heat, it’s hard trying to stay cool enough in the summer, aside of being dressed up for your photos, but she pushed through.
Who doesn’t love a hay bale to lay out on……we had to keep Fiona from eating it as she was just around the side of her.
What a challenge to walk two horses, each wanting to do their own thing. Olivia is both an English and Western rider. She enjoy’s her time spent with her horses.
Olivia changed it up and put on a nice sun dress, I’m sure she felt much better after that. She was a natural in front of the camera and I just allowed her to lead the way.
We were able to catch the final moments of the sun before it slipped beyond the horizon…..how beautiful it is, as it lights up the sky and highlights the focal point. Love those precious few moments.
I had to share our little friend. Shortly after we got started on our session, this cat came out of the bushes and instantly became fast friends with us. Maybe he sensed I was a cat person? But he was not leaving our side. He would follow us all over, he would nip at my toes. We could walk a distance and he would surely follow. He took a step back when the horses were around, but still was always close by. I would have to keep calling him to come back to me to get out of the shot. He was so cute, I wanted to grab him up and take him home, but I think my other three would think otherwise.  So it was a fun shoot indeed with some beautiful horses, a gorgeous girl and a adorable cat. Best of luck Olivia!

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