Nora is celebrating her first year and with that sweet smile, one know’s she’s a happy girl indeed.  Her Mommy and Daddy, Kerry and Brent met at Bexley Mansion for their portraits to mark this milestone in Nora’s life. She was full of smiles an common curiosities.
Brent and Kerry have such a cutey on their hands. She’s quiet but she has a sense of humor. Sweet nature about her.
Nora enjoyed special time with both Mommy and Daddy, giving them kisses and hugs.
A mother who wear’s her heart on her sleeve. Nora adored by one of her biggest fans.
As the saying goes, Nora has Daddy wrapped around her fingers.
Nora has begun to take her first steps, that exciting time that parents look forward too. She showed me she could take a few steps to reach daddy’s arm’s. Those moments you cherish for year’s to come.
Happy baby = happy family. Bliss right here.
Happy Birthday Nora. May you enjoy many more first’s in your life!

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