Oh Boys…

I got to catch up with my favorite twins Luke and Emmett with their Mommy Tagan, and Daddy, Steve and Amelia, their big sister at their home. The boy’s are starting to become more active now, sitting up an starting to crawl around, you know the fun stage.  It’s getting a little easier now for me to keep track of which is Luke and which is Emmett.
Grass, to like or not to like. It’s optional. Watching these two is fun cause they both show their different personalities. Luke this time was a bit more on the calm side and just went with the flow of things while Emmet was a bit more questionable about things and let it be known when he didn’t like something.
This is Emmett…
And this is Luke.
How cute are they….those smiles just melt me.  Both of the boy’s are advancing in their stages. It was hard keeping Luke in place as he’s learning to make the moves, while Emmett was still mastering balance.
The two have such vibrant eye’s.
As you can see, Emmett has kept the blue eyes while Luke’s are darker now. The little changes since the last we saw each other.
We had a bit of fun with the boy’s in the tub. They played and splashed about in the bubble’s. Luke was enjoying a mouth full of sud’s. Emmett was just having a good time sitting in the tub watching the car’s go by. To be a kid again. Can’t wait to see what changes are to come next time we meet!

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