A Trip To Vegas…

So back in September I was sitting at dinner one evening and got a text from my friend Heather who live’s in Vegas, asking if I would come out to do this shoot. That is all she needed to say…..I didn’t need the details..I was in. In just a few short weeks in October I was flown out for a week of pure fun. Yes it was work, but we had a blast. The shoot was for Precision Tactical Gunworks based out of Garden Grove, California. ( http://www.ptgunworks.com ) This company is growing and working towards the next stages in it’s business, so this shoot was to embark on just that.  Meanwhile Heather and I went for a drive to scope out the location of day one of our shoot.  For added fun, we took Heather’s daughter Erin and two friends, Brooke and Ali.
It was more of a spot of the moment, but I couldn’t resist doing some photos……so we had some fun before we lost the sun behind the breathtaking Boulder City mountains. Brooke standing in front of the canoe’s.
Erin is a spitting image of her mom. She’s a sweet, caring girl with so much potential and lots of good humor. I have known Erin since she was just a few months old and can’t believe she’s entering her teens.
In the lil old abandoned town of Nelson, NV stands some old barns and misc. buildings with a slew of old car’s and other mean’s of transportation. It’s become a photograper’s paradise in recent year’s. I started with Brooke. The sun was just beaming…so perfect. I had to work fast cause it wouldn’t be long before the sun would be behind the mountains, but we made it work.
Setting up a pose and I shot it anyways and love that sort of effect.
Ali was a lot of fun to work with too. She’s done a bit of modeling so she worked well with the camera and has a witty humor about her. She was a delight to work with.
We had a lot of fun that evening just playing around and I was pumped for the next day to get started on the shoot.9
Our day started at promptly 4a.m.! We wanted to be sure to be there when the sun rose to capture that perfect light. We would get up and pack up the trucks and all our equipment, guns and attire, an make the short drive to Nelson. We had hair and make up services done by one of our models, Kristin (on the right) who did awesome work.
I have to say, trying to pick a select amount of images for this blog was not easy…the girls all did so great modeling for us. And don’t think it’s just easy to stand there looking gorgeous, these girls were holding very heavy guns as they posed. This is Antonia. Such beautiful eye’s, I just loved working with her. She needed little direction, so I just let her do what came natural.
I have had the pleasure of working with Kat now two other time’s so it’s been nice to get to know her a little. She was a bride’s maid in a wedding I shot in Vegas a few year’s ago and was helpful in getting us some models for this shoot.
Kristin was brought on to do the hair and make up and ended up taking part in modeling as well so that was an added bonus. She did a fantastic job.
Giving gun lovers a bit of eye candy…
These images are just as the sun was coming up over the mountains……stunning backdrop indeed. It was a bit of a challenge trying to incorporate three different models at one time, but we made it work. I also had Heather who is pursuing her photography shooting her own images from these shoots. It’s was an absolute joy working with her and doing what we do best together. We literally had so much fun. I was on cloud 9 for weeks afterwards.
We worked till about noon an then were done for day one.
18Later that evening it was Homecoming for Heather’s son Brendon who is a senior this year. That blows my mind. He was just a lil guy when I first became friends with Heather year’s ago when I was living in Las Vegas. I cannot believe he’s graduating soon. We went to the local park in Boulder City that is known for having wild Rams that frequent the park. They certainly make for a unique backdrop.
Trenton is one of Brendon’s best friend’s. He was always keeping the laugh’s coming, aside of his serious pose.
The next morning started just the same, a 4a.m. Now mind you I was at a bit of an advantage as 4a.m was my 7a.m. at home so it was no different than what time my alarm is set for here. Thank goodness cause I’m not one that like’s to rise early. Day two we were shooting at the dry lake bed. Once again we packed up the trucks and made our way out into the bed of dried land and waited as the sun began to hover above the mountain tops. It was stunning. I don’t think in all my year’s of living in Vegas I’d ever done it before so it was refreshing.
The mornings started off cool, but I knew it wouldn’t be long till the sun would rise and warm things up. It was nice warm days in the 80’s, I wasn’t going to complain. (Images taken by Heather)


A little behind the scenes of what we were doing….our whole set up and crew. So many people who helped us make this shoot happen, I thank you all for your hard work.
It was yet another gorgeous day. We had a set of ideas we wanted to cross off our list for that day an we were off to a great start.
This is Heather’s sister-in-law…..yea, I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. But she’s really a sweetheart.
One of the things that was so great about working with Heather is how well we play off each other. We think a like and have a lot of the same mindset in our ideas. We were both helping one another out with ideas of how we wanted to capture the images. Seeing her images next to mine is so inspiring and makes me long to do more work with her.
Things were going great and we set up to do this image(s) with the help of Trenton and his truck……but then Mother Nature took a hint and started gusting and it was game over. It was amazing how the calm of the desert changed in a matter of mere minutes to a dust storm. We quickly had to pack up all the trucks, all the while trying to keep the dust out of our mouth’s and eye’s. It was crazy. We had planned on a third shoot for that evening, but the winds never died down enough to make it happen. We were disappointed as we had some other great locations to work with that night, but we were pretty well pleased with our outcome so far. 32
While I was in town one of Heather’s friend’s just welcomed their first baby into the world so I got some photos of precious little Shelby.
I think it’s fair to say Daddy was smitten with her.
From one side of the valley, back to the other, we zoomed to Boulder City to meet up with Brooke and Makayla who were going to do some more images for us for the PTG shoot. Now we were racing the clock as the sun began to set in…but still stunning just the same watching the hues of the mountains turn colors. Brooke and Makayla have been good friends for some time now so they were just having fun with each other.
Makayla’s golden curls in the sunset were just breathtaking……she was effortless in working with me. If only we could have slowed down the sunset.
Brooke had that natural flow about her, just laid back and carefree. Brooke and Makayla were both a delight to work with.
I literally had such a blast on this trip to Vegas, got to spend some time with my dear friend Heather and her family and do what we love to do.  I’m so glad for the opportunity and can’t wait for the next adventure! Many thanks go to Roy Morrell for setting up this shoot and asking me to do it. Thanks to all the models, Kat, Antonia, an Kristin and Megan, Karla, Jeremy, Brendon, Trenton, Lauren and Ali, as well as Erin and Brooke, and Makayla and Brooke. You all and a handful of other’s rocked this shoot and I can’t thank you enough. I had the best time and thanks to my side kick Heather……it’s always a good day when we are behind our camera’s together!

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