My Second Home:

1‘You are going to Vegas, ah, you are so lucky’… That is what I often hear when I am off to my second home. But their version of Las Vegas and mine are two different ideas. Most think of the casino’s and all the bright lights, while that’s all true…I like it for so much more than just the strip. In fact my last few trips to Vegas I never touched foot to the strip and that’s just fine. But this trip I got to go back to some of my old stomping grounds and just take it all in. A lot has changed in the year’s since I’ve moved back to Ohio, it’s eye opening seeing all the changes. And taking in some sites I’d never seen before.

I flew out to celebrate my friend Heather’s retirement and her birthday. We had such a great time visiting each other. It always feels like going home to me, even though I no longer have a home there.
There is something about the night that just becomes electrifying on the strip. If you can look past the smut, the panhandlers, the street performers, sidewalk congestion, it’s a pretty awesome place.
My first job when I moved to Las Vegas was working at Bellagio Hotel and Casino. It was a great introduction into life living in Sin City. I got to see a lot of things, meet a lot of interesting people, some famous, some rich, some just living it up. I got to see view’s only select few ever got. It was a lot of fun and I have fond memories of that job. As well I spent a lot of time at Paris Las Vegas as it was right across the street and one of my favorite places to visit when company came to town. Yummy buffet too.
On Heather’s birthday we took her daughter Erin and her friend Caitlyn down with us to the strip for some adventures. We had a blast. It was a really good time an a lot of laughs.
The next morning, after a late night, we returned to the strip again to get some images of the girl’s. Caitlyn graced us with her beautiful moves. She is very talented in her Ballet. What a perfect fit at the Venetian.
Erin I have known since she was just a baby and it’s amazing to see the young woman she is growing to be. She has a wicked personality and a natural beauty like her mom. It’s always fun having Erin around and I’m glad they were able to join us. She also has a growing talent I believe like her mom with a camera. She does some amazing work with landscape and objects.
Erin is all bit’s of awesomeness. She’s tomboy, she’s girly, she’s just down right cool.
To say I wasn’t impressed would be a lie….I didn’t know the body could stretch that way.
I am eager to see where both Caitlyn and Erin go in their young lives. They both have an open road ahead of them. And I hope they continue to cross path’s as the year’s go. They are both so laid back and carefree.
Oh my word Heather……lock the door’s.
Sometimes I live just to shoot for my own personal stuff..where I started oh so long ago. Just things that catch my eye, the weird. The interesting. That is stuff of Vegas that inspires me. Visit some antique shops, do a little sight seeing. Spend time with my friends…do some super fun sessions. All stuff to perk me up out of those winter blues!

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