Upon my arrival I was greeted by a wide eyed Leo. Wide awake and checking out the new world in his first few days, there was plenty to take in.
I loved the nursery theme. Baby animals….so cute and unique. Jessica and Chad did a great job putting it together.
I couldn’t resist the faces he was making..trying to focus on things. He lie in his crib and was a content as could be.
I see so much of his Daddy in him…
Jessica fed him a bit but he was fighting going to sleep…..he was alert and didn’t want to miss anything. He gave me a very small window of sleep shots. Cat naps for the little boy.
Those gorgeous grayish blue eyes, so piercing. Hope he keeps that color.
Indeed, Jessica and Chad have been blessed with a sweet little boy, who joins big sister. There is a lot of love to go around for this lil one! Congrats!

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