Ephram’s 8 Year Portraits

It was that time of year again…time for the yearly photo session of our son. I love looking back over the year’s of photos seeing how much he has changed. I was trying to think of a setting for this year’s shoot. It’s such an iffy time of year, early spring but not much to look at in terms of color and foliage. Tried to think about the things that Ephram likes. The one and only one thing came to mind, The Columbus Motor Speedway. What a perfect setting for a boy who loves all things NASCAR. A love he’s had now for a few year’s that has not died down at all. His love has become a family affair. One we all have come to enjoy, all because of Ephram.1
Ephram has always stood out on his own. His interests seem to always be different than most kids his age. He’s never gotten into super hero’s or sports, but he’s been drawn into the world of racing.  It has become a constant in our home. He’s acquired a massive collection of NASCAR die cast cars and his dad built him an awesome race track for the car’s to run on in his room. And this year for his birthday he was surprised with a Go-Kart. He’s on cloud 9.
Each week we tune into watch the NASCAR races to watch his favorite driver, the #5 Kasey Kahne. He has liked him from the start of his love for racing and follows him loyally. He was fortunate enough to meet him last year at one of the races, a high light for sure.
Ephram is finishing up his 2nd grade year at his primary school and eager for the next. He’s doing well in school and he enjoy’s art and math and music classes. He’s made some really good pals at school.
The sweet boy he’s growing up to be, he melts me with his genuine heart. He’s thoughtful and grateful. He’s compassionate for other’s. He’s got a big heart. He’s a charmer and has a wicked sense of humor. I don’t want him to grow up so fast, but I do look forward to seeing where he goes in the future.

Happy Birthday Sweet Ephram!

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