Gentle Giants

What a thrill it was for me to get to work with these beautiful creatures. Often times I’ve seen this type of breed of horse, The Belgians working in the fields on my many trips to Amish Country, but never been up close to one. I will admit, their size was overwhelming at first, but then again I am short. But still, standing anywhere around 16-17 hands, and weighing well over 2,000 lbs, they are a large horse indeed. Known as Draft Horses, they are the strongest breed of horse and used as working animals.  Multiple horses are able to pull thousands of pounds behind them. They are also used in Horse shows. I was able to watch them in action as Brock showed me his daily routine.
This is Red and Pat. They were so well mannered and quiet. Seemed happy to just be out of their stalls for a bit. Very sweet horses.
Brock is 6′ tall, so you can see how they nearly dwarf him. Brock and his brother have grown up taking care of the family farm and horses since they were little boys. It’s in their blood. Generations before have done it and they carry it on with much pride. Seven days a week they care for the horse, cleaning the stalls, bathing them, taking care of their needs, putting them out in the field, plowing, it’s an on going job. I don’t think they would have it any other way. Both Brock’s Grandpa and Great-Grandfather pulled horses, so it’s nice to see the tradition carries on.
These horses pulling the weights make it look effortless.  They were inspiring to watch.
TLC….he loves taking care of the horses.
They were like gentle giants… quiet and standing at attention.
Brock with Red
And this is Pat with Brock.
I couldn’t resist, my 5’0 self below this large creature.
I had such a good time on this shoot, learning more about these beautiful horses and seeing just a bit of what Brock does each day with such pride.  Thank you again for such a great evening!!

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