Pride and Joy

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you this family was so fun to work with. They were sweet as can be. Their 2 year old twins, Luke and Jack were cute and a hint of ornery to boot. A great mix if you ask me. John and Daphne have been so blessed with their boys.
The boys were well behaved and quiet, but full of giggles and kisses for mom and dad. They enjoyed walking through the woods and playing in the shallow creek.
It was fun watching both Daphne and John interact with the boys. I was more than impressed that she could still pick them both up at the same time. The boys were full of cuddles for mom. Those cheeky smiles…’s no wonder she wants to gobble them up!
Did I mention they are little hams too. It wasn’t long before they were up to antics with dad….so big! And those muscles!
Sweet as can be!
Daphne and John have been enjoying the second year, with slight hesitation of the ‘terrible 3’s’ looming. Yea, these boys seem to be too cool for all that dreaded 2 year stuff……here’s to keeping our fingers crossed the same goes for the next year!
I took a moment to focus on John and Daphne..I have to say without a doubt these two seem so deeply connected. They just fall into each other and love one another. I watched through my camera the way they would look at each other, the way he would pull her close. It’s great to see two young parents still finding those simple moments to share with one another.
Doubly blessed indeed. I think they know it!
10Daphne has Luke and John is with Jack.
Luke and Jack were absolute doll babies….I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with them all. We had a fun lil adventure in the woods. Thanks again!

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