Konstantin and Anne just welcomed their first baby into the world, baby Nick.  The nursery was designed to reflect part of the heritage that Nick will grow into. His father was born and raised in Bulgaria, and now living in the states. Many of his family still remains back in Bulgaria. We talked about how far technology has come and how nice is it for his family back in his home country to be able to share moments with things like Skype.
Nick tried his hardest to stay awake for the entire session. Anne tried that age old milk coma but still he wanted to miss nothing. He was very alert.
Precious baby boy!
It’s always a treat to get to spend a bit with first time parents and watching them learn parenthood right before me. With only a few days under their belt, they seemed to have a knack for it and were both content to give him lots of cuddles. A good support to each other.
There was no wiping that smile off Anne’s face. Everytime she held Nick in her arms, she just beamed with such pride.
Do you remember what it’s like, those first times. Staring at your baby, memorizing their every curve, wrinkle and dimple? Those little wee touches.
Those eyes, my goodness. That scrunchy nose, those toes….
We managed to sneak out into their back yard just before it started to rain a bit. A couple of quick photos and we raced back into to beat the showers.
Congratulations Konstantin and Anne, you have a handsome lil man on your hands!

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