Berkley is 2

Oh goodness….Ms. Berkley didn’t disappoint. She came with sass and shyness and yet was such a lil model. We tried for a few weeks to get around to this session and with our spring weather it was usually playing a part in our rescheduling. I was so happy when everything finally lined up and we got to do the session.
Just last fall I did portraits of Berkley and her family and it’s amazing how much she has changed in that short time. Those curls were too precious. She’s such a ham, but cute as can be.
She didn’t want to put down her blankey so we had to compromise some, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Those blankeys mean something to them and things like that are just as important to be documented in the growing years.
She celebrated her 2nd birthday in May and she’s well on her way. She was happy to run around the park and see that I got my exercise for the day.
Angelic is what I see when I look at Berkley.
Her mom told me how she has a photo of herself when she was a child smelling the flowers. How sweet to have an image of her daughter doing the same. The curious ways of a child, the things we adults take for granted.  She had the interest in the bugs, and would look at them and then stomp them into the ground. She would pick a flower, smell it and then tear it apart. It made me think how she is a great mixture of all things girl and yet a bit of Tom-boy.
Berkley was stylin in her Mini Cooper. She was checking it out, but funny enough she was having more fun pushing it than riding in it.
So happy we finally got to meet up and mark another year. I had a fun morning with you Ms. Berkley…Happy Birthday!

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