Because Two People Fell In Love:

I have always loved that saying, ‘All because two people fell in love’ and I remember when shooting this session, as I watched the family come together from different parts of the country for a wedding, how they just loved on each other and took so much pride in their time together. And all because of two people. Mr. and Mrs. Fidler have a lot  to be proud of, five wonderful children they brought into this world and a growing family. I have always enjoyed working with this family when I can. Sweet, sweet family and such down to earth souls.
Many of the children now live out of Ohio so it was a great reunion of sorts for them to be together. Those family photos never grow old and with those little one’s they are forever changing.
Celebrating 38+ years of marriage….well done! I LOVE seeing couples who stick together through thick and thin. Who take those marriage vows to heart. For better or for worse. They are so cute together….the affection is mutual.
Beautiful family indeed!
Sarah and Santino call Tampa home…Santino works for Geico.
Rich and Kristine  an their kids Kiera and Arjen live in Columbus and by far one of my favorite families I work with often! Rich works for Chipotle Corporate and Kristine works for Cardinal Health.
Joe and Lis are recently engaged and living in LA.  Joe is an actor and Lis is a producer working in Hollywood.
Mark and Kate live in Columbus. Mark works for a design firm and Kate is a Nanny.
Jenna and Joe live near Orlando.  Joe works for Geico and Jenna is a medic in The Reserves.
I have always adored big families since I come from such a small family. The kind of family you want to be a part of. They look out for one another and care for each other deeply and welcome the family as it grows.
Rich and Arjen having a bit of fun together.
So happy to have gotten to catch up with this bunch again, it’s always such a delight to see you all!

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