Oh my goodness, I can’t take the cuteness overload with Killian. Earlier in the spring, I didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful fields around my home, so I pulled out one of my props and met up with Killian and his Daddy one afternoon while mom was away at work and got some naked bum photos of the boy.  He seemed to enjoy his new view.
I shot this just a few weeks before his first birthday, so we met up just a few weeks later to shoot his official 1st birthday portraits.
If you know me, I was in heaven when this beauty of a car rolled up. I’ve had a old vintage car fetish for year’s. The purr of the engine. The roar as it takes off. The pure beauty of the detailed car. They don’t make them like that today. One of Killian’s great Aunt and Uncle own this car. I got to meet them a few months back when we started talking about this session and could not wait. And I was not disappointed. A 1955 Ford Fairlane. I was sold.
Pardon me as I drool……I must get myself a vintage car. Forget the modern car’s of today. This is what it’s all about.
Killian and those baby blue eyes……
I can’t take it…..this kid was spot on. He was loving the camera and just enjoying his moment of sitting in the middle of the road. Last time you get to do that.
I could not wait to race home and look over my images that night…I was smitten.  Car envy and baby flutters…..my head was about to explode. 12
Killian celebrated his 1st birthday with style and proved he is a lil heartbreaker for sure. Happy Birthday Killian!

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