Brian Kenneth

It’s a boy!  Brian Kenneth made is debut a bit early to the surprise of his Mommy and Daddy. What a blessing that has come to Carrie and Ben on the birth of their first born. He was ten days old by the time his expected due date arrived.
For the majority of the session Brian kept those eye’s closed. He opened them for me a little bit when I arrived but was fast asleep when I got started. With family visiting him and a flow of friends, he was catching up on his Z’s.
Ben was a natural with Brian. It’s always neat to see the interaction with first time parents.
Carrie is the first of her family to have a baby, so this was such a joyous event. Carrie was a neighbor of our’s at one time so they had all been around when we had our son.  Having watched them as my son grew from a newborn on with them around, it brings a smile to my face to see them have a son to share those joys.
Adjusting to parenthood just fine.
A lil love for their fur baby, Lulu.  She’s very protective of Brian, as she was Carrie during her pregnancy. They will be best buds.
Carrie and Ben have a love for owls, so when planning this session, I wanted to incorporate that into the session. Brian’s nursery is in an Owl theme, so it only seemed fitting.
Those lips!
Ben loves the Harry Potter series. Having never read one of those books or seeing any of the movies, it was a fun lil challenge to put something together for them.
Congratulations Carrie and Ben…we are so excited and happy for you as you start this new chapter in your lives! Enjoy that sweet boy!

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